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Five Things You Can Do to Fight Climate Change

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  • The climate is rapidly changing, and so should we.
  • By modifying how we live, we can reduce our carbon footprint, and hopefully, help slow down the effects of climate change.

412 part​s per million;  Is the amount of concentration of carbon dioxide​​​​​​​ in our atmosphere as of September 2019 – the highest it has been in three million years, according to NASA Global Climate Change.

But that is just one observable effect of climate change. Other noticeable changes include shrinking glaciers, breaking ice caps in rivers and lakes, rising temperatures, accelerated sea levels, increasingly intense heat waves, shifting plants and trees, and more, according to NASA Global Climate Change.

Five Things You Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 7,000 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era — and of human civilisation. Photo Credit: YouGov UK

Climate change is real and it poses a serious threat to mankind! But fret not, there are plenty of tangible actions that you can take to help alleviate – or at least delay – the effects of climate change.

Here’s a handy and simple guide on what you can do to fight climate change:

Vote for change

Everything begins with awareness. The next step is to be vocal about it. No change ever comes from being silent. Don’t let your fears stop you from taking the proper steps to create change. One could start by electing leaders that are ready to take bold actions against climate change. Send letters to your local and state-level leaders. It’s important that they too, are aware of the importance of fighting climate change. Let your voice be heard.

Be conservative with energy use

It sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is! Not only does saving energy helps save money, it also reduces emissions as well. Reducing energy consumption is one of the easiest ways of minimising the negative impacts associated with energy use. Some simple steps to take include using energy-efficient light bulbs, unplugging computers, TVs, and other electronics when not in use. You may even wash your clothes in cold and warm water.

Renewable energy

There’s perhaps no better way to reduce climate change than by utilising renewable energy or “clean energy”. Renewable energy can help improve public health. The air and water pollution emitted by natural gas plants is linked with breathing problems, neurological damage, cancer, premature death, and other serious health issues. In fact, nearly 40% of carbon dioxide pollution in the United States originates from power plants burning fossil fuels, according to the World Wild Fund.

What can you do? It could be as simple as using solar energy to power the lighting in your house. 

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Five Things You Can Do to Fight Climate Change

The Sunway City Kuala Lumpur EcoWalk, powered by its own solar panels, helps mitigate traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions. Photo Credit: Sunway Property


Ideally, we nip climate change in the bud by taking action against manufacturing plants – the largest producers of greenhouse gasses per year. But seeing how potentially unrealistic that is, a cleaner alternative would be to invest in recycling. Not only is it cost-effective, recycling doesn’t emit greenhouse gasses into the environment. So don’t throw out your discarded paper, glass, plastic, and electronic wastes. Instead, give these items a new life by recycling them.

Commute green

In today’s world, we value convenience. Cars are the modern-day conveniences that we often take for granted. But there’s a downside to driving – millions of cars emit greenhouse gases that could destroy our atmosphere. In fact, 28.9 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the transportation sector, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. From that number, over 90 percent of the fuel used for transportation is petroleum-based, which includes primarily gasoline and diesel.

Five Things You Can Do to Fight Climate Change

The BRT-Sunway Line is linked to seven stations, and uses eco-friendly electric buses.

Some green alternatives for your commute include taking public transportation, riding your bike to work, or perhaps just plain walking – the latter is also a great way to get some much-needed exercise!

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